Buying a Personal Stylist as a present!

When do you buy a Personal Stylist as a present?

Have you ever thought about buying a Personal Stylist consultation for a present, maybe for a wife, husband, mother or friend?

Lots of people do think it would be a lovely present but then the thoughts start running through their head of;

  • How will the person react receiving a present like this
  • Will they think I think they need style help
  • Is this person trying to tell me something

It doesn’t always help either when the person buying a consultation asks other friends or family what they think, it is always a mixed reaction.

So, let me help you……buying a Personal style consultation ( especially from me ) is the perfect present, I am here to help restore the love of clothes, put the confidence back into someone at whatever stage they are at in their life, it maybe when the kiddies go to school, going back to work, looking for a promotion, after having a baby, after a divorce and many more scenarios.

Teaching someone in how to dress their body shape, help them to learn how to wear new colours, accessories and allow their true personality to come out in their clothes is the aim of any stylist.

I firmly believe that everyone deserves the right to ‘look good and feel good’ all the time.

You usually also find that the person you are giving the present to has always wanted to see a Personal Stylist but has never plucked up the courage to book it themselves. After all, how many of you have watched the makeovers on television and thought to yourself ‘ Wow, I would love someone to help me with my wardrobe and take me shopping?’, let me guess, quite a few!

A husband bought a Wardrobe consultation and Personal Shopping trip for his wife last Christmas, I will never forget speaking to him and her sister who explained that they did not want her to feel they thought she needed my help. On meeting my lady she was nervous as to what I was going to do but once we sat and spoke about where she struggled we had great fun revitalising her wardrobe and her shopping experience was amazing. She is now a different lady who now loves to shop and in her own words ‘ just loves looking at herself in the mirror’.

Who could want a better present than me?!!!!

lots of love