The Bust Lines

Do you struggle to know what upper body garment will suit your bust shape and size?

I have pulled together some easy Do’s and Don’ts that will help you are out shopping.

For the Larger bust;

Do invest in a good fitting bra, there are some super specialist lingerie shops around with staff who are trained to fit. Wearing the right size bra will create a wonderful shape and will increase the space between waist and the bottom of the bust line.

Wear interesting jewellery, scarves and necklines, this will draw the eye to these areas but do not let them fall onto the bust.

Open collars and V necks are great as they open the upper body and create a vertical line. Do stay away from dresses and tops that have the empire line style as they cling to the bust, again drawing the eye to the bust. Also Tops that have high necklines and that are made from a clingy fabric will only emphasise the bust so steer clear.

Do wear dark colours, not just black but colours with a deep tone and non clinging fabrics, loose jackets and tops again create the eye line to move downwards taking the eye away from the bust.

As gorgeous as they are pockets on jackets and shirts only emphasise the bust and create a horizontal line so you are best to avoid.

For the Smaller bust;

Short  sleeves that finish in line with the bust will give the illusion of a larger bust, so will pockets, buttons, ruffles and any slogan on the bust.

I am a very tactile person, textured tops are wonderful for small buts and a padded bra will always help.

Layered tops are wonderful as they create more bulk on the bust line therefore making the bust look larger but do avoid low cut tops as they will make the bust appear smaller.

Wearing a dark colour gives the illusion of smaller so wear bright, light colours on your top half. Soft flowing tops are wonderful for small tops which is wonderful this season as there are so many in the high street for our Spring/Summer trends.

Lots of Love