Best Jeans for your Body Shape

As a Personal stylist the question I get most asked is ‘Lisa, please can you help me find the perfect pair of jeans?’. The answer is there is a perfect pair/brand of jeans for us all but I do understand finding them is not always that easy!

Jeans this season are not only the safe indigo or stonewashed denim but we are seeing great coloured jeans and the revival of the flare.

The flare is a great jean for the Hour glass or Pear body shape, as these body shapes are curvy, they work well with the curves to balance the hip line.

I love white jeans in te summer, this are super from River Island at £42.00

The straight leg jean will also work with, what I call a small hour glass figure as they balance the smaller curves in the bottom half.

The flare and wide leg also works really well for the Top Heavy body shape, they add curve around the hip and leg to create a better balance with the bust line.

The skinny jean still remains a firm favourite and is great for the Slender/Athletic body shape as they emphasise shape and flatter the hips. I know we all love the skinny jean but be careful if worn with a flat shoe if you have a curvy body shape, they will make you look bottom heavy…..not a good look!

The Leigh jean from Top Shop is a real ‘must have’ for your wardrobe…great price at £38.00 and so comfortable

For the Apple body shape who carries more weight around their tummy, opt for a higher waist jean, this will flatten the tummy line and will create a sleek line.

This lift, shape and fit jean from Next is so flattering and is proving to be very popular.

The boot leg jean works for all body shapes so if in doubt opt for this leg style. A great bootcut jean is the Eva slim bootcut from Oasis.

The shapes mentioned above applies to all trousers, not just jeans.

I am incredibly passionate about dressing for your body shape, if this is done correctly the illusions that can be created are amazing. Wearing the right style and shape of clothing can make you look sizes smaller, for example an Apple body shape wearing an empire line top accentuates the bust, therefore, detracting the eye away from the tummy.

Also wearing a deep, dark colour on any larger area will make the area appear smaller so great if you want to create the illusion of being smaller on that area. Beware if you are Top heavy don’t wear a shiny top, the shiny fabric reflects the light and will make the area appear larger, the same would go if you have larger thighs.

Spring/Summer is a season when sometimes it is hard to work out what is right and wrong in the ‘tights’ area. Some shoes can be worn without stockings but it will also play a major part as to where you are going, for example if you are going out for a meal or to the theatre/opera stockings should always be worn as they complete the whole picture of your outfit.

The more elegant you want to look the more important it is to wear stockings.

Lisa says’ I want everyone to be able to look great and more importantly feel good and Personal style will make you do just that…trust me!

Lots of love