Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the beast inspired dresses

It’s a tale as old as time. The new live adaptation of Beauty and the Beast has brought together people from all generations. When the film was announced it’s fair to say there was a huge amount of excitement along with it. But why are people so in love with this enchanting Disney tale? Was it the growing romance between the beast and belle or was it the magic and enchantment? Whatever it is, there is one thing we all picture when we think of Beauty and the Beast and that is: The dress.

The iconic golden dress is so effortlessly beautiful, it sways across the dance floor and creates (arguably) the most magical scene in the original film. We were very excited to see how the live adaptation re-created the dress. It has received somewhat mixed reviews, many believing it was a slight let down to that of Belle’s traditional dress.

Everyone has their own interpretation of Belles dress, and since the new adaptation has brought back the excitement of the enchanting tale, many designers have brought out their own ‘Belle dresses’. One dress that we love at Pink Paradox London is a stunning interpretation named ‘Belle style 274’ was created by the ‘Disney Fairytale Weddings & Honeymoons’ company. The dress is breath takingly beautiful and boasts dreamy, delicate embroidery.

Another beautiful and princess-like dress is ‘Style 206’ by Alfred Angelo. The dress has a detachable net shrug and has the same shapely outline that Belle has. The rhinestones are a gorgeous touch and is a must for a Disney themed wedding.

Of course, with the prefect wedding dress comes perfect wedding shoes. Finding the same shoes as Belle is tricky, the original movie only shows plain golden heels whereas the newest adaption sows glimpses of embroidered golden lace. We suggest you go with your own tastes and preferences here as the dress will be so spectacular, it really doesn’t matter.

Whether you choose a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding or not, it won’t matter so long as you marry your prince charming. Just let your dress do all the work, and you’ll surely be the Belle of the ball.


Jacob Flynn

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