Bare Escentuals Make under morning

I took one of my lovely clients and friend to experience a make under at my favourite Bare Escentuals boutique in Windsor today. Please meet Adi who I met when I turned up on her doorstep about 3 years ago wanting to buy to buy a beautiful piece of jewellery I knew she was selling. After wondering who this mad woman was she let me into her house and as we said today we have never been able to get rid of each other since!!!

Adi has never used this great mineral based make up brand before so I knew she would be pleasantly surprised.

This is the before shot of Adi with no make up on….

Adi was advised and taught by Charlotte how to use the ‘foundation primer’ and how this will help your make up stay on all day, how the ‘foundation’ can be built up gradually to suit either a daytime or nightime look and how the ‘warmth’ can add that healthy glow. Here is Adi having her blush applied, we went for a pink toned blush which just made Adi look amazing.

I wanted Adi to try the ‘Buxom’ lip gloss which is the lip plumping gloss that has this wonderful menthol taste and tingling feeling….she loved it!

At the end of the make under Adi could not believe how lovely her skin felt and how she really didn’t feel caked up in make up. This is the after photo and what was just great for me to watch was how Adi had the biggest smile across her face, just a shame her hubby is away on business until tomorrow!!!

Bare Escentuals is a great brand which I can honestly recommend, I adore all the prouducts and have a real passion for the amazing eye shadow colours and an eye liner that stays put all day.

Thank you to the girls in Windsor for a great morning and I know both my clients that went to see them tonight for their make under were thrilled to bits.

If you would like to come along to one of our make unders let me know and we’ll get you booked in for a make up treat.

lots of love