AW18 Colours

Day 10 – The colours to be seen in!

The beautiful colours this season are rich,warm, cool, vibrant, soft and luxurious and you can use them to either bring your outfit alive or soften down other garments within your wardrobe.

For ladies that have had their ‘colours’ done I have noted whether these colours are warm or cool. But please do remember do not limit yourself for the new season, use the flexibility of other colours to compliment your skin tone.

1.The shades of red are always welcomed but can be quite hard to wear for some but this deep warm tone will allow them to feel confident is a tone of red.


2. For those more brace this Poppy red tone is stunning. Red can carry both cool and warm tones.

3.The show stopping pink will be stunning and will make the sun shine in your wardrobe. Use it with the base neutral tones to add your accent colour. This is a great cool tone.

4. Bright fuscia…..let every day be summer in your world. Another cool or warm tone.

5. Romantic rose allows you to add in the soft cool undertone of pink, perfect for ladies who like colour but do not necessarily to stand out in a crowd. This is a cool tone.

6. This purple is gorgeous, bright and vibrant. Depending on whether the tone is cool or warm it will suit all skin types.

7. A subtle lilac to add the blue undertone to your outfit. This is a cool tone.

8. Oh I adore this blue, softer than a navy and cooler than a marine blue, lots of the colour will look amazing with this blue.

9. This colour has been seen lot this summer so it is great to see it is carrying forward into our next season.

10. Shades of brown are so everywhere this season, Rust being one that sits out on its own. This is such a warm Autumnal tone but can be worn together with lots of vibrant tones.

11. Warm chestnut, looks amazing with orange, purple and blues. This is a warm tone.


12. Russet Orange, a luxurious warm tone.

13. This yellow tone has a hint of spice which softens the full colour. You will also see a lot of the colour mustard this season.

14. Bright lime, a real ‘in your face’ tone that can be softened with a deep dark tone or if your braver worn on its own. This is a warm tone.

15. Khaki, always seen in the Autumn / Winter and a really nice warm tone alternative to black.

16. Teal, a really stunning warm autumnal tone. I have already seen lots of this and I know you are going to love it.

17. Soft almond is a great warm tone alternative to white. It is a neutral tone and can be worn with any other colour.

18, Grey, the every popular colour we see each Winter season. It is a very flat tone so can sometimes grey out a facial skin tone. If it does just add in another colour to brighter or add warmth to your look.

19. Tofu, this is the white of the Autumn / Winter season. Seen as the must have white.

20. Black, no Autumn / Winter season would be without black, it can be quite hard to wear and can make a skin tone appear harsh, like grey add in the a tone that adds light and brightness to your face.


Lots of love

Lisa xx