Alice Temperley Summer collections

Well now, Somerset by Alice Temperley is a brand that seems to draw me in and keeps me there for ages.

I just love the styling, cuts, colours and fabrics of this brand. I popped into my nearest John Lewis today and mooched around all the brands but Somerset always catches my eye the most.

A very authentic, natural collection of both fabric, colour and cut is beautiful for this season. Perfect for any daytime or holiday look. This collection mixes white with an accent colour of cobalt blue.

This collection drew my eye because of the print but I just wanted to show you how this jumpsuit looks on a hanger and how it will actually look on a body shape. On the hanger is does look shapeless but as you can see it has a little capped sleeve, pockets on the bust and a draw string waist to identify the shape of an hour glass body shape. This will create the hour glass body shape very easily.

Somerset by Alice Temperley also sits at a great price bracket, please do go and have a look.


lots of love