Accessories to ‘Wow’

I just adore accesories and how they either complete an outfit or make a garment come alive by adding colour and texture.

I found these super pieces in Oasis, Westfield yesterday whilst shopping with 2 lovely ladies.

The Pink thread wrap bracelet is lovely and it sits really snug on the wrist so is perfect if you don’t like bracelets that move around too much. It was £8.00 and now has 20% off online if you quote code 20MAYTREAT on checkout.


All jewellery is very personality driven so the ones I have picked out for you areones that I fell in love with. A real splash of colour and a little chunky to make a statement. Imagine both of these necklaces with either a plain white T.shirt or shirt… chic will it look?

The Statement flower necklace is £25.00 and the Neon Cord and Stone necklace is £16.00


Have a lovely Bank holiday Monday

Lots of love