A wardrobe must have!

I always want to be able to bring you fabulous pieces which are the best you can buy from our amazing high streets. I know we would all love to buy designer pieces but if you can’t then the high street brings you the same trends twisted to suit their own customers.

I love to compare similar garments so I can recommend the best to you, this week I have been comparing this great top. You may have seen lots of this style of top, the great cowl neck works briliantly to draw the eye upwards, therefore, rebalancing the lower body…perfect for the hour glass, pear, slender/athletic body shape.

As you will see the waist is very defined in this top which is great to accentuate the waist on the hour glass, the pear and it really helps create a waist for the slender/athletic. The Apple body shape also loves this style of top as the large amount of ruching helps illusionise the tummy area.

The best top I have found is this one from H & M, fabric is lovely, it is double layered so it creates more density and just looks fab on. There are many others in the stores but this was my favourite. It is also available in green and taupe.

Whilst browsing in H & M, I found this stunning electric blue leopard print scarf……just great as an addition to a block coloured top to inject a print. It was only £4.99, a bargain to really help a top come alive.


lots of love