A dressing room near Susan Boyle at QVC

I just love guest presenting on QVC and yesterday was no exception. I had the shock of my life when I was taken to my dressing room only to be met with a sign on the dressing room opposite saying ‘Susan Boyle and crew’. I managed to say hello to the lovely lady and complement her on the dress she was wearing for her show.

With a child free afternoon I thought I would treat myself to a latte in peace whilst waiting for my show so I popped to the canteen only to be met by the Military wives all sitting having their lunch.

This was my dressing room, loving the lights and the perspex chairs.

The studio has a wondeful atmosphere with camera and lights and a great welcoming feel.

I am presenting a handbag brand called Tyler Rodan, it is definately a bag full of functionality and has some great colours this season but I will say you will either love them or hate them. There is a bag for everyone. Each bag comes with either an umbrella, purse or keyring. Take a look at the range at QVC UK

And finally, I was really lucky to present with Catherine Huntley again. We first met when I guest presented the first show for Tyler Rodan earlier this year. We had a bit of a giggle when Catherine wore a pair of fab high heeled shoes which made me look even shorter than the 5ft I actually am.

Catherine is a great presenter and always leads the show which makes my job so easy.

I have to admit I love working on the television and can’t wait to do more in the future.

Lots of love