1 outfit, 4 new looks!

I love building new outfits but I also like developing new ones from the same items, so here is my Monday outfit and I’m already getting excited as to what else these items can create.

What a super shawl jacket from H & M at £29.99

Think of this jacket as a floral jacket with an amzing amount of colours, there is peach, black, green, grey and white all in this jacket.. you can put this with a black dress, coral trousers, grey jeans, green pencil skirt, white linens and so the list goes on!



I have teamed it with a very simple navy blue v neck cami from Oasis at £22.00

How pretty will this look with white or denim shorts, a embroidery anglaise A.line shirt, white jeans or a yellow formal pair of trousers.





For the lower body I found these great fitted suit trousers at £35.00 in a lovely soft blushed pink. These trousers are available in Top Shop

This is such a super colour, you could just add in a white shirt and metallic pumps with a denim jacket for a more casual look..this sounds really nice doesn’t it?



And to complete the look I have popped in these tan leather woven pumps from New Look at £24.99

Woven pumps are so pretty as they add a textured look to any outfit, perfect for the summer. Imagine these with a pretty white dress on the school run or for work



Lots of love