Be Body Confident

Styling parts of the body you love to hate. I can guarantee that what you see looking back at you in the mirror every day is not what your family, colleagues and friends see, it’s true isn’t it?

We all have certain parts of our bodies that we’re not happy with, that’s why I’ve written this article… to give you some handy hints for helping you to style those areas so as you can start feeling more comfortable with yourself

All of the terms used below are all of the ones I have heard from clients and friends alike!

Be Body Confident



Big arms / Bingo wings

If you don’t have toned arms like the A-listers, don’t fret as there are plenty of tops to wear to hide those wobbly bits. Go for ½ and ¾ sleeves as they make the arm appear slimmer or a batwing or fluted sleeve. Off the shoulder and sweetheart necklines remove the emphasis of the size of your arms. Styles to avoid are sleeves that end anywhere between the elbow and shoulders which will make your arms look unattractive such as vests, strapless tops and sleeveless dresses.

Small boobs

The golden rule when it comes to having small boobs is to wear outfits with detail such as frills, pleats, ruffles and gathering which can draw attention to your chest. A Padded push up bra is essential and can enhance the chest area while jewellery such as chokers can draw attention from a flat chest. For work, go for a stripy shirt teamed with a nipped-in waist over a pencil skirt for that dress for success effect.

Big Boobs

Whilst those of us with small boobs envy ladies with big boobs I hear on numerous occassions how difficult it can be to buy or disguise the larger bust.

The most important thing to remember for the larger bust is to create space between the chin and the decollete area ( open it up ). Necklines such as plunge,V,Deep V,Scoop and Cowl. Please do not ever try a roll neck as you will create a shelf like look!

The aim is to draw the eye up and away so a nice necklace also works like a treat.

Big bum

Having a big bum can be a problem but it doesn’t take a perfect figure to look good. Wearing dark colours on the bottom can make your assets appear smaller. Avoid wearing trousers with high waistlines and opt for bootleg or flare bottoms that only draw attention away from the problem area. When it comes to skirts, go for an A-line silhouette as the fullness at the bottom flows nicely over a large behind.

Large Knees

Some ladies carry weight just above their knees which can make it feel uncomfortable wearing skirts or dresses above the knee. Skinny trousers can also make a lady feel uncomfortable as they can cling to the said area.

If you want to wear a skirt or dress above the knee wear an opaque tight as they are a great slimming illusioniser. The most perfect trousers are either a straight, bootcut or flared leg as they drop from the knee.

Broad shoulders

In order to create balance between your wide upper body and lower body, you need to choose clothing that makes your shoulders look proportional to the rest of your body. Downplay broad shoulders by wearing v-neck tops, the more they plunge the better. Avoid wearing round neck tops, high scooped tops, puffy sleeves and shoulder pads. Go for trousers that are straight or bootcut rather than tapered trousers and skinny jeans they made your shoulders appear wider.

Flabby stomach

Having a flabby stomach shouldn’t stop you from looking good. Wear tops that scoops down and gently covers the belly at the front. Stay away from bulky buttons and zippers as this will draw the eye to the area. Look out for trouser designs with a flat front and side and back zips which will complement your figure. Leggings and stirrups are perfect but make sure that they’re not too tight. Avoid any clothing combination that defines your waist, including any belted or drawstring looks.


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